Technology Consulting - Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery in Tucson

The world is a difficult place and as unpredictable as it is dangerous. Businesses moving in the 21st century have more options than ever before for a viable continuity disaster recovery plan. Our Technology Consulting team has all of the options ready for your review to make sure that when and if disaster strikes, your company is going to come out with all of the data they had the day before guaranteed.

With so many products available today relating to IT, knowing which ones will work best for you could prove difficult. Companies can become so entangled in their day-to-day tasks that they may not necessarily have the time or resources to research and implement an effective solution.

Copygraphix Technology Consulting services can help take some of the weight off your existing IT staff. We can evaluate your network and your specific needs to find the right software for you.

How Copygraphix Handles Technology Consulting

Copygraphix approaches IT consultations in the same manner as we do our Managed Print Services:

  • We perform a thorough assessment of your existing network

  • We work to understand your business goals and how your current technology aligns with them

  • We make recommendations based on your needs and your budget that encompass:

    • Standardization of Hardware and Systems
    • Resource Tracking- Licenses, Warranty Expirations etc.
    • Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

Copygraphix IT services don’t stop with mere recommendations either. With our available Helpdesk and Maintenance & Monitoring services, we further ensure that your software functions properly and gives you the results you need.

To learn more about Technology Consulting, contact us via the info on our Get Started page.