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Print Environment Assessment

When it comes to auditing a company’s expenses, printing is considered the final frontier. 90% of companies actually have no idea how much they spend on their printing processes. This tendency becomes especially surprising—and troubling—when you consider that 15 million pages are printed every five minutes in America, a good percentage of which is never used by its producers.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Why Choose Managed Print?

As we explained on our Managed Print Services overview page, excessive or unmonitored printing can be a significant drain on a company’s income. It can consume as much as 3% of your annual revenue. On average, an office worker prints 34 pages each day, about 1/6 of which is just waste. To make matters worse, annual paper usage by companies has gone up by as much as 21% each year. This means that, if left unchecked, printer waste and expenses will go up as well.

Managed Print Services

Printing: The Secret Budget Drain

Companies don’t always stop to consider just how much their printing practices eat up of their annual budgets. According to a recent study, printing was found to be the third highest office expense, coming in behind rent and payroll. On average, companies spend 1-3% of their revenue on printing and document output. This can translate into thousands of dollars spent on supplies and paper, 100 lbs. of which go to waste every year.

Printer Supplies in Tucson

At Copygraphix, we believe in giving as much convenience to our customers as possible. We know you’re busy and you don’t want to waste time and energy looking for devices and the printer supplies that go with them.

With this in mind, we keep a wide selection of printer supplies in stock at our Tucson warehouse for the printing and multifunction systems we sell . You can come to us and know that all of your printing needs will be met.

Printer Supplies Available to Tucson Businesses


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