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Shopping for a Multifunction Device? Here are 5 Things to Check

In your business, office systems are crucial to daily operations. When you're ready to replace or upgrade, a multifunction system is the best device for many offices. If you are in the market for a new multifunction system, here are five considerations to prioritize.

Multifunction Know-How

When the time comes to upgrade your office systems, there is plenty to consider. The first choice for most of today's businesses is selecting a multifunction system over standalone devices. Multifunction systems do it all: copying, scanning, printing, and faxing. In addition, they can become central to generating workflows and boosting productivity. It's important to keep in mind just how beneficial they can be as you decide on a device.

Office Systems 101: What to Know Before you Buy

In the world of office systems, there are numerous factors that influence any given purchase. Costs are always high on the list, but your needs are likely more sophisticated than, "Just give me the cheapest printer you've got." The right office equipment actually improves your daily operations, so it's worth the time to do some research and considering before you commit to a new machine.

Here are some of the things you should know before you buy new office systems.

Shopping for Office Systems? Start Here

Shopping for new equipment for your office can be a lonely endeavor. And, the questions and options often seem endless: Do you want to go for a standalone, or would a multifunction system be better? What do all these specs mean for you? What will you pay for this machine over time? Adding new office systems is important, but time-consuming business. Choose incorrectly, and you could pay too much, not meet your office needs, or even find yourself needing to buy yet another piece of equipment.

Find Your Office System Soul Mate

office systems

Today's office systems are pretty incredible. In fact, many offices find that their day to day functions revolve around their multifunction devices: from workflows to mobile printing to collaborative editing in the cloud. If you are in the market for a new office system, there are many more considerations beyond price and paper capacity. This brief guide will introduce you to some of the things you might look for in your new equipment.

Get to Know Your Office System: Toner

Office Systems

Wouldn't it be nice if there were magical elves who visited your office each night to take care of everything? They would restock supplies, clear paper jams, replace ink and toner. Maybe they would even clean up that one guy's desk or prep the coffee in the morning.

Leverage the Power of your Office System

Office Systems

Today's office systems are pretty amazing if you think about it. Likely your office just goes through the motions of copying, scanning, printing, and so forth, without exploring the full capabilities of the machines. You might be missing out on some game-changing options.

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