3 Keys to Print Management

Adding Managed Print Services to your office opens the door to new potential in the way you do business. Of course, most businesses adopt print management for cost savings, and there's no denying the fact that you will see savings. Managed print works to streamline costs and create budget improvements for all print-related expenses. However, there's much more to it than a more attractive bottom line. Here are three keys to print management success.

Managed IT and Regulatory Compliance

In general, regulations that impact your business aren't new, but with evolving technology, you probably have to think about them in new ways. For example, data privacy regulations have been around for more than a decade, yet each year there are new implications for those same regulations.

How Managed Print Benefits You

When you're making deliberate measures to improve your office's overall print environment, you might find yourself challenged by it all. Tackling a business's print levels is one thing; ensuring that the entire environment is set up for future success is another. Fortunately, there's a solution for that: Managed Print.

Managed Print Services

Printing: The Secret Budget Drain

Companies don’t always stop to consider just how much their printing practices eat up of their annual budgets. According to a recent study, printing was found to be the third highest office expense, coming in behind rent and payroll. On average, companies spend 1-3% of their revenue on printing and document output. This can translate into thousands of dollars spent on supplies and paper, 100 lbs. of which go to waste every year.

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