In today’s digital world, very few businesses can function with hard copies alone. The ability to create, store and distribute documents electronically isn’t just convenient—it’s essential.

Copygraphix can help you convert your documents into digital form quickly and securely. We offer a wide assortment of scanners that will optimize your document processing capabilities.

Features of Available Scanners

Copygraphix’s available scanners have a variety of useful features. Depending on a given device, these can include:

  • Auto blank page removal
  • Auto page rotation
  • Options to scan to several formats, including JPG, PDF and RTF
  • Compatibility with Linux OS
  • Compatibility with various Windows OS
  • Energy-saving design
  • High dpi resolution
  • Ability to remove scratches and dust from film

Copygraphix also has models designed specifically for government agencies. Our devices will enable you to process information for review, approval and compliance purposes faster.

Regardless of your company’s size, our scanners will allow for more effective collaboration between you and your peers. You can also take advantage of our Document Management services to make your processes even more efficient.

To learn more about Copygraphix’s selection of scanners, take a look at our Product Catalog. Contact us via our Get Started page to speak with us directly about our products.