Print Environment Assessment

Print Environment Assessment

When it comes to auditing a company’s expenses, printing is considered the final frontier. 90% of companies actually have no idea how much they spend on their printing processes. This tendency becomes especially surprising—and troubling—when you consider that 15 million pages are printed every five minutes in America, a good percentage of which is never used by its producers.

Copygraphix Managed Print Services can help you get your document output—and the costs that go with it—under control. Our services start with our thorough, non-invasive Print Environment Assessment, which serves as the foundation for your strategy for optimizing your printing practices.

How the Print Environment Assessment Works

With our Print Environment Assessment, you’ll begin to see where your printing solution can be improved. We examine:

  • The number of devices you have in your office
  • The location of each device
  • The age and life expectancy of each device
  • The purposes for which your devices are used

Once we have this information, we can start mapping out a plan for streamlining your solution. This can involve:

  • Eliminating redundant or under-used devices
  • Positioning printers and other devices for maximum productivity
  • Implementing metered devices to cut down on wasteful printing
  • Swapping out expensive print cartridges for more cost-effective ones

Also, security-conscious companies can rest assured that Copygraphix will act with the utmost discretion. Our assessment includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement, which both protects us and ensures that your information will stay protected.

To learn more about our Print Environment Assessment, go to our Get Started page and contact us.