Copiers and Multifunction Systems In Tucson

Copiers and Multifunction Printers in Tucson

These days, offices need to boost productivity while keeping operating expenses low. Not only do you have to produce documents as quickly as possible, you need to send them to others efficiently as well. You may also need the ability to upload and store documents onto your network for future use.

Copygraphix can help your Tucson company accomplish all of these tasks. With one of our copiers and multifunction printers, you’ll be able to perform the actions of many different machines. As an added bonus, you’ll conserve resources, lower equipment-related costs and free up space in your office.

Our brand name office copiers are built for ease of use and operation. Your office staff can manipulate and manage these machines with ease with touch screen operation that is designed for simplicity with easy to understand navigation. Replacing toner or ink cartridges is also a simple task so that your office staff is not spending valuable time trying to get your office equipment back up and running.

Main Features of Copiers and Multifunction Printers

Multifunction systems from Copygraphix combine the features of these devices into a single machine:


They enable you to produce sharp, detailed prints quickly. You can make prints in both color and black-and-white within seconds.


With a multifunction system, you can also make clean copies of images efficiently.


Our multifunction systems can capture paper documents and send them to multiple destinations on your network.

Fax Machines

Once you scan a document, you can fax it quickly to others.

Additional Features

Additional features of our available devices include:

  • Duplexing options for printing, copying and scanning
  • Energy-conserving, low-noise design
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • High-MB internal memory for quick repeat printing

To learn more about Copygraphix multifunction systems, see our product catalog. If you have questions about our devices, go to our Get Started page for our contact info.