Feeling Wired? Managed IT Can Help

IT Managed Services

Though most of us wander through our day with wireless connectivity, on our phones, laptops, tablets, and more, many offices are still tethered to wired connections. If you are one of the many business owners considering the switch from wired connections to wireless capability, here are some things to know about the debate.

Wired Connections

Of course, one of the least appealing side effects of wired networks are the unsightly wires. Wired networks require ethernet cords or cables, and those can be difficult to hide, especially if your office isn't able to hide them. When an issue arises, it can sometimes be more difficult for your IT team to troubleshoot. Wired networks can often be costly, too, especially if your business is in a period of growth.

On the plus side, wired networks can be much faster than wireless, and in many ways, they offer enhanced security. Wireless connectivity cannot compete with these factors, even as security improves and wi-fi speeds are boosted.

Wireless Connections

The advantages of wireless connections are pretty obvious: they offer more freedom and better organization. With so many individuals choosing to use their own technology to conduct business, having a wireless network allows for more flexibility.

However, there are additional security issues to consider with wireless networks. While security is still a concern in wired offices, there are some extra steps to take when wi-fi is used. Additionally, not all offices have good wireless access in every corner. In some instances, having a wireless network isn't particularly useful because of the lack of coverage.

Managed IT Solutions

For many businesses, a combination of wired and wireless is the best solution, offering the pros of both access options and providing offices the flexibility they crave. Regardless of your current or future status, and whether you are ready to make a switch or content where you are, Managed IT from Copygraphix Plus can help you make the most of your network. We offer custom solutions for all of your IT needs. Let us tell you how we can help enhance your office security, IT service, and network: Contact Us today!