Document Scanning in Tucson

Document Scanning in Tucson

Document Scanning Specialist From Copygraphix

When your Tucson company and staff are looking for document conversion, document imaging, and converting cumbersome paper documents into editable easily movable electronic document files, modern document scanning services are an important aspect for your office document management plan.

Copygraphix can help your office staff gain control over the accuracy of their daily operations. Choosing to work with an experienced Tucson based document scanning specialist like our Copygraphix team can innoculate your company with immediate results such as the following:

  • Space consideration - Putting documents in digital format greatly reduces space in you offices. Plus you can now get rid of all that security to make sure those documents stay safe now that they are secured digitally.
  • Exposure time - With paper documents, your important papers are exposed to anyone that can lay hold on them. This is greatly reduced once they are placed in a digital format.
  • Tracking data - Paper documents are hard to physically track where they go when removed from folders.  Digital files can be traced on where they have been and who has read them.
  • Encryption Secured - Digital files can be placed behind super secure enterprise and military grade encrypted algorithms that will safeguard important information.

The first step in document management involves capturing the documents themselves—that is, getting the information onto your network.

At Copygraphix, we offer our customers a selection of scanners that will allow you to process your documents in-house. However, we also provide document scanning services for businesses that want to devote more time and resources to profit-driving matters.

Benefits of Document Management Scanning Services in Tucson

Copygraphix scanning services come with many benefits, including:

  • Options to scan to several formats, including JPG, PDF and RTF
  • Ability to capture documents on Microsoft, Mac and Linux OS
  • Retention of color and detail of original images and documents
  • Ability to remove scratches and dust from film
  • Lessened burden on your existing staff

Copygraphix employees are familiar with the requirements for meeting legal and compliance. We will process your data in a timely manner so you can reach your review and approval goals.

Contact us via our Get Started page to learn more about our scanning services.