Data Backup & Cloud Backup in Tucson

Data Backup and Cloud Backup in Tucson

Data Backup and Cloud Backup

With document management solutions from Copygraphix, you can do away with the costs and resource usage associated with processing paper documents. You’ll also be able to store files on your network securely and keep them backed up, eliminating the risk of losing vital information due to misplaced, stolen or damaged documents.

Our solutions can be tailored to suit both small businesses and organizations with thousands of employees. You’ll have the ability to:

  • Set automated workflows for identifying, categorizing and filing documents
  • Collect information from desktops, mobile devices and other sources
  • Search for documents by keywords, folders and other options
  • Save searches for use in the future
  • Access documents safely from both workstations and mobile devices

Copygraphix’s staff can handle the entire data backup process of your systems. We offer both:

  • On-premise backup and storage, which allows you to monitor and modify the hardware yourself
  • Cloud backup and storage, which removes the burden of maintaining hardware

To learn more about Document Backup and Storage, contact us via the info on our Get Started page.