4 Benefits of Paperless for Small Businesses

Document Management

Discussions of the benefits of going paperless are typically geared towards larger businesses. But an important part of those discussions that is missing is talking about how small businesses can benefit, too.

For small businesses, going paperless might seem impossible—after all, there might be administrative staff that can handle the transition. However, partnering with Copygraphix Plus is a smart, easy way to reap the benefits of going paperless and document management.

Homeless Veterans Find Permanant Housing

Tuscon homeless

Homelessness among the country's veterans is an ongoing issue that many are working to solve. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides a staggering estimate: nearly 50,000 of America's veterans are homeless.

The Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness is making big progress towards an important goal: ending homelessness among Tucson veterans.

Copier Shopping Made Simple


Shopping for a new copier for your office? The options can sometimes be daunting: so many makes, models, and price points. How do you know which one is right for you? Copygraphix Plus understands that businesses have better things to do with their time than spend hours trying to find the best office equipment. That's why we offer numerous choices and a personal representative to help indentify the right machine for you.

Tips & Tricks for Buying Ink

Office Supplies

It's a fact of life that where there's printing, there's ink buying. Buying ink can be a hassle, with so many different models and price points, and buyers are often confused about how to make the right purchase. At Copygraphix Plus, we make ordering office supplies easier. Here are some tips and tricks to help you find the right ink, and avoid costly mistakes.

Is Wide Format Right for You?

Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Printing is growing in popularity in a variety of industries. For some, there is still resistance to investing in a wide format printer. However, if you are thinking about making the move towards wide format -- whether for your own purposes or for your clients -- there are a few key things that can let you know whether or not it is the best decision for your business. Here are some of the reasons wide format is right for you.

Scanning Can Transform Your Office


Multifunction Printers (MFPs) prove to be indespensible in most offices. MFPs offer next-level office functionality, helping businesses streamline processes and workflows and eliminating the need for multiple devices. Though each of the MFP's functions can provide big benefits to offices, it is scanning that has the incredible ability to transform the way you do business.

Document Management: Managed Solutions

Document Management

If your office isn't managing its documents well, the entire organization can suffer. Documents are integral to our businesses, but we often feel that they are out of control. Document management can make things better. Adding a document management system can help you solve some of the most pesky document related issues. Some problems that offices often see:

Fire's Hidden Eco-Benefits

Forrest fires

Though much of the news this summer has focused on the damaging fires in the West, there are benefits to fires that burn in uninhabited areas.

Several fires in Arizona were not actively fought, and experts point out the environmental perks to those areas. In some areas, fires have not burned for decades. That equals thick brush that cannot be thinned out without the cleansing effects of fire.

Multifunction Printers Make a Big Impact

Multifunction Printer Arizona

Smart business choices include utilizing available technology and tools to revolutionize offices. One of these tools is the multifunction printer, or MFP. MFPs offer more than just all-in-one capability: they also give organizations resources to boost customer contact, collaboration, and to go green. Here are a few of the ways MFPs can help optimize your office.

Do You Have a Handle on Print Security?

Managed Print Services Arizona

While most businesses have at least some level of security measures in place, many overlook the various ways that security breaches can occur outside of the obvious. Network security is key, of course, but an increase in the tools available to share and collaborate on content also coincides with an increased gap in security. Print security is key in combating some of the risks associated with evolving technologies and workflows. This can be accomplished through some key security measures and a Managed Print Service.

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