Managed Print is SO 2016

Managed Print

As you set goals and objectives for this new year in your business, don't forget to include print in your planning. More and more businesses are considering how to make their printing habits better, how to reduce printing costs, and how to incorporate enhanced technology into their print environment.

Utilize Office Systems for Increased Security

Office Systems

Few things require as much attention and careful consideration in your business as security. Today's businesses are afforded the convenience and acceleration that technology provides: it's easier than ever to collaborate, share documents, and archive files digitally. However, that same technology also brings forth new threats to the safety of your data, documents, and trade secrets.

Document Management Thrives in the Cloud

Document Management

Managing documents and workflows in today's office isn't easy, and it's not always beneficial to keep it all in-house. Thanks to cloud technology, document management from Copygraphix Plus gives organizations the ability to do more, go further, and be more productive.

Mobile Security and Managed IT

Managed IT

Security is near the top of every organization's wish list. Keeping sensitive data safe is key, and is something that is an ongoing concern. Staying ahead of threats is a constant battle, but one you don't have to take on alone. Copygraphix Plus can take some of the worries out of your security concerns with Managed IT Services.

Top Benefits of Managed Print

Managed Print

For many of today's businesses, printing is one area that isn't dealt with. Printing can be a drain on your budget, and it can take time and energy to get it under control. This is unfortunate, as most businesses spend anywhere from 1-3% of revenue on print-related expenses, and often companies don't even know how much they are spending. If printing is something you want to tackle in your business, you don't have to go it alone. Managed print services can help.

Make Office Systems Work for You

Office Systems

Do you often feel like you are battling your office systems? Do you have an overstocked or understocked supply closet? Are you frustrated with neverending issues with printers, copiers, or scanners? Our office equipment is supposed to work for us, not against us. But without some help, and maybe a little TLC, your office systems can't do what you need them to.

Thinking of Leasing a Copier? Start Here

Copiers AZ

If you need a new copier or multifunction printer (MFP), you might be considering a lease. Leasing office equipment can be a great choice for many businesses: a lease allows you to spring for higher quality and better performance without a large up-front cost. For new businesses, leases allow owners to allocate costs elsewhere, rather than using up credit for copiers and printers. And, in the event that your equipment need is short term, leasing allows you to get what you need for only the time you need it.

Yes, Printing Still Matters

Printers Tucson

Services like document management are seeing big growth in nearly every industry -- and for good reason. Document management makes a tremendous impact on your paper document use and storage, allowing you to move towards paperless practices. However, that doesn't mean the end of printers.

Most businesses still print in some capacity, even if they have adopted mostly electronic documentation. The printed document still has a place in business. Here are some of the reasons printers still matter.

Copiers: Beyond the Office

Copiers Tucson

Copiers are standard in offices, but they are not strictly for office use. Many industries and individuals use copiers on a daily basis. If you or your organization think you might need a copier, you might be right. Copiers perform many functions that benefit people and organizations outside of the standard office. Here are a few.

Southern Arizona Heroes Honored

Tucson, AZ Local News

Each day across the country, firefighters, police officers, and civilians perform tremendous acts of bravery.

After Tucson police officer Erik Hite was killed in the line of duty, Hero Day was established to honor those who put their lives on the line to protect and serve citizens.

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