Improve Productivity and Save Money with Document Management

Document Management

Even if you've been in business for just a few years, you've probably noticed that documents have a way of accumulating rapidly. The longer you've been in business, the bigger the file cabinets become, with some companies moving beyond storage rooms to off-site facilities just to handle the backlog.

Is Your Network Leaking?

Managed IT

A discussion about cloud services always leads to a discussion about security. Hackers are constantly developing new approaches that keep cloud services providers on their toes. From Man-in-the-cloud attacks to social engineering, data breaches which could compromise your company's collective knowledge are a growing concern.

The BYOD Issue

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend isn't ending anytime soon. In fact, adoption by industries of all shapes and sizes is growing at a rate of 25% a year.


Improvements You'll See With Managed Print Services

Managed Print

Do you know how much document printing costs your organization? According to Gartner Group's revealing statistics, a full 90% of companies aren't sure. A Managed Print Services Assessment can shed some light on the matter, identifying your total print spend as well as valuable detailed usage metrics. Here's how:

Put Konica Minolta at the Top of Your Wishlist

Office Systems

A Konica Minolta multifunction printer is much more than just a printer. It's an advanced, full-suite multifunction system that can help your enterprise improve productivity, simplify workflows, and enhance security.

That's quite an accomplishment for one device, and it's what should put Konica Minolta at the top of your company's wish list this year.

More Than Just a Printer

The Konica Minolta bizhub line of small business multifunction systems are true office workhorses. Here are just a few of the built-in advantages:

The Organized Office Begins Here

Document Management

Even if organization isn't your strong suit, it's still something you'll want to strive for in the workplace. Here's the why and how behind orderliness in the workplace.

Why It Matters

Disorganization can lead to missed deadlines, poor customer service, and unnecessary expense. Here's why organization matters:

Secure Your Networks by Training Employees

Managed IT

While cyber crime is definitely on the rise, many small business data breaches come from the hand of employees, and most of them are unintentional. Training your employees is the best way to keep your data and networks safe.


Maximize Your Managed Print Benefits

Managed Print

If you've deployed a Managed Print strategy to save money, you're on the right track. Many organizations report savings of up to 30% on their current print spend. Through improved productivity, continuous monitoring, and device consolidation, cost control is Managed Print's most obvious benefit. But there's even more to be gained. Read on to find out how to get the most from your Managed Print Services engagement.

Feel Better at Work with Office Feng Shui

Office Systems

How did you feel when you walked into your office space this morning? Did you feel inspired? How about creative? Did you feel capable of meeting the challenges of the day? No? If words like trapped, panicked or insecure came more readily to mind, then it's time to do something about it. Fortunately, the solution is much easier and more fun than most of us realize.

Stay Secure in the Cloud with Document Management

Document Management

While the cloud is an attractive option for today's business, it's not particularly useful if it doesn't keep your sensitive information safe. More and more businesses are worried about data breaches and other security concerns, and for good reason. Our global economy and technology options have made collaboration, remote access, and digital computing faster and more relevant than ever, but those abilities also bring mounting security issues.

How Managed IT Adds to Cost Savings

Managed IT

Are you looking to cut costs in your business? This might seem like a silly question, because really, who isn't? But the reality is, effective savings can often seem elusive to many businesses. Sometimes, though, all you need is a fresh perspective.

At Copygraphix Plus, we have a variety of ways to help businesses control spending and cut costs. But there is more you can do in your business that you might have overlooked. Here are some tips to help you reconsider how your budget plays out in your office.

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