How Managed Print Supports Eco-Initiatives

Managed Print

Going green. Reducing waste. Being mindful. These are just a few of the kinds of initiatives many offices are undertaking in order to be kinder to the environment. Green initiatives have multiple benefits in addition to a happier Mother Nature: added perks like cost savings, easier access, and more.

Adding a managed print service is a great way to continue your important work of implementing eco-initiatives while also getting your print environment and expenses under control. Here's how.

Leverage the Power of your Office System

Office Systems

Today's office systems are pretty amazing if you think about it. Likely your office just goes through the motions of copying, scanning, printing, and so forth, without exploring the full capabilities of the machines. You might be missing out on some game-changing options.

It's Document Management for the Win!

Document Management

If time is money (and when is it not?), then Document Management is a winner. But if you're like most business owners, you'd like a few details explaining exactly how a service delivers savings before you make a decision to sign on.

Savings That Add Up

With Document Management, the savings and benefits are easy to quantify. Check out these time-saving benefits.

Five Key Advantages of Managed IT Services

Managed IT

Unless information technology is your primary business, managing your networks and IT infrastructure probably isn't your first priority. Outsourcing to a professional Managed IT Services Provider is a proven method for reducing costs, improving network reliability and enhancing security.

Five Key Benefits

If solving IT issues quickly, efficiently, and affordably sounds intriguing, you'll want to explore these five benefits of Managed IT Services:

The Ongoing Value of Managed Print Services

Managed Print

If your initial Managed Print engagement is somewhat limited in scope, that can be to your advantage. Beginning small to be certain the level of service meets your company's needs is a good way to introduce new policies to your staff. As they begin to adapt and implement new cost-saving measures, they may discover even more ways to reduce printing waste and improve workflows. At that point, it may be prudent to meet with your Managed Services provider to consider adding new services.

Introducing Konica Minolta's Exciting New Trio of Digital Color Presses

Office Systems

Your office systems are more than just isolated technology islands. They're business partners that help your organization improve overall productivity and meet your demanding goals for high-quality production print materials.

A New Trio of Digital Color Presses

Kinoca Minolta's bizhub PRESS C7000/C7000P/C6000 can turn your goals into reality with affordable, state-of-the-art high-quality color production printing.

10 Ways Document Management Can Save Your Company Time and Money

Storing your documents electronically is a good way to begin to eliminating cumbersome paper processes, but without an effective Document Management solution, digital documents can still be difficult to locate and use. To truly improve communication and productivity, you need an effective way to organize and access electronic documents.

Four Tips for Choosing a Managed IT Services Provider

Managed IT

While the benefits of Managed IT Services may be clear—improvements in everything from productivity and security to reduced costs—finding your way to the best provider may not be quite as clear.

As with any new endeavor, a little preplanning, and due diligence goes a long way. To make sure the decision you make is a good fit, both for your company and your IT infrastructure, here's a quick checklist of the major issues you'll want to address when choosing a Managed IT Services provider.

Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Care With Managed Print

Managed Print

The healthcare industry, perhaps more than any other, has both a duty and a desire to protect and manage the information entrusted to them. Read on to discover how Managed Print can provide these services and more to the healthcare sector.

Why Service Contracts are a Good Business Decision

Office Systems

Your office systems are vital to your organization's success. When something goes wrong, productivity comes to a screeching halt. Many organizations look to service contracts to bypass the frustration and expense that ensues when printers, and copiers need maintenance. Read on to learn why service contracts are a good business decision.

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