Yes, Printing Still Matters

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Services like document management are seeing big growth in nearly every industry -- and for good reason. Document management makes a tremendous impact on your paper document use and storage, allowing you to move towards paperless practices. However, that doesn't mean the end of printers.

Most businesses still print in some capacity, even if they have adopted mostly electronic documentation. The printed document still has a place in business. Here are some of the reasons printers still matter.

Physical Documents

Say you're presenting to business partners or potential clients. You have a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing digital presentation, but you want your audience to have something tangible to look at simultaneously. Whether it's a proposal, a pamphlet, or worksheets, being able to hand your audience members something can make a big difference in the reception of your message. That, of course, is something only printers can do.

Many people still like being able to hold an actual piece of paper. Moreover, many people like to be able to interact with text with a pen or pencil, despite the nifty things electronic documents and apps allow you to do. Don't discount the power of the paper.


There's still power in the printed advertisement. Despite the prevalence of online marketing, having brochures, handouts, mailers, and more can help you target even more potential customers. While you can print fewer materials than in the past, many people respond well to printed advertisements. Don't assume your online presence does the job.

More than Mobile

Mobile devices make doing business easier in many ways. Remote access, apps that allow for collaboration on digital documents, and portable devices can boost your ability to do business on the go. However, sometimes digital documents are more cumbersome than printed pages. Like advertising, you can print less and use digital more, but sometimes printing makes more sense.

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