Why Multifunction Printers?

Multifunctional Printers

For many offices, making the switch to a multifunction printer (MFP) is an easy decision. MFPs do the work of several machines: they can do any combination of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

If you are just beginning to look at MFPs, or even if you think you know which model to choose, here are some distinct advantages to know regarding these versatile devices.

Save Space and Time

Because MFPs do the work of several machines, you can eliminate the bulk of that equipment you no longer need. Today's MFPs boast speed, quality, and efficiency, so you'll see an increase in time savings. However, one important consideration is that because your MFP does it all, if it goes down, you lose several capabilities. Therefore, proactive maintenance is key.

Reduce Waste and Control Costs

MFPs provide offices an opportunity to control the costs associated with equipment. With only machine doing it all, the only supplies needed are for that one piece of equipment. No more keeping stock for multiple machines and different brands. In addition, because maintenance is key, there's only one machine to service and maintain.

Other Factors

MFPs help contemporary businesses take advantage of new technology. With your new MFP, you can utilize the scan function to begin moving towards a paperless office. Other functions may present new opportunities to boost productivity and increase profitability. Mobile printing, which many new models support, is quickly becoming a great way to expand the capabilities of a business.

The versatility of the MFP provides endless opportunities to businesses. Determining your needs prior to purchasing your new MFP will help ensure you find the best fit for your office. For more information on the selection of multifunction printers available, contact us today!

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