What is a Managed Print Assessment?

Managed Print

If you have been looking for ways to cut spending or boost document-based productivity in the office, you've likely stumbled upon Managed Print. This service is the key to better printing practices and a more attractive bottom line, especially if you're one of the many offices who still rely heavily on printing.

With a well-managed print service, the first (and most important) step in implementing a plan is to conduct a print assessment. This assessment takes into account your entire print environment: from your fleet and the location of each printer to the way you handle inventory.

Why a Print Assessment?

Identifying both what you have and how it functions is key in determining what needs fixing. One of the goals of managed print is to optimize your current print fleet, rather than get rid of it all and make you buy new devices. In many cases, actions as simple as moving printers around makes a tremendous difference in how well your print environment operates.

A print assessment also looks at how much money you're currently spending -- on cartridges, electricity, paper, and more. Managed print will save you money overall, but understanding where all the funding is distributed now will ultimately reflect the actual return on investment for the service.

What Happens in a Print Assessment?

There are several ways that your print environment is assessed. The overall look captures four overarching categories:

  • Number of devices
  • Location of each device
  • Health and age of devices
  • Purpose and amount of usage for each device

What's Next?

After the entire environment is assessed, we work with you to come up with a viable plan that optimizes each device, eliminates redundancies, reduces waste, and more. There are multiple ways that you will save time, money, and headaches when you implement the managed print solution.

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