Streamline Paper Consumption with Managed Print

As you are updating technology in your office, you might be overlooking one critical component: your printers.

Printing environments are often neglected, and they can be money pits too. The majority of businesses likely don't even know how much they spend on printing. This neglect leads to waste -- of money, of time, and of paper products.

There is a smart solution that addresses all your print related concerns: Managed Print Services.

Managed Print starts with a print environment assessment. This assessment takes into account all your office's print habits, including:

  • How much printing happens
  • Who prints and where they print
  • Peak print times

Also, the assessment considers:

  • The number of devices in the office
  • The location of each device
  • The age and purpose of each device

From there, we help you create a plan that streamlines your print environment. This might mean moving devices around, adding metering to reduce waste, and monitoring supply inventories. The overall effect is less waste, less cost, and better efficiency.

Adding a Managed Print Service helps you take control of your print habits, and it gives you a fresh start with useful tools and valuable insight. You also get ongoing, constant monitoring to ensure issues are addressed before they impact your business.

There are many benefits of Managed Print, but nothing compares to the benefit of ensuring one area of your business is completely handled. We take all the guesswork out of adapting your print environment. And, with Managed Print from Copygraphix Plus, our trained technicians are there whenever you need them.

Ready to learn how Managed Print can revolutionize your office? Contact Copygraphix Plus today to get started.

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