Shopping for Office Systems? Start Here

Shopping for new equipment for your office can be a lonely endeavor. And, the questions and options often seem endless: Do you want to go for a standalone, or would a multifunction system be better? What do all these specs mean for you? What will you pay for this machine over time? Adding new office systems is important, but time-consuming business. Choose incorrectly, and you could pay too much, not meet your office needs, or even find yourself needing to buy yet another piece of equipment.

All of this is why you need a service and equipment provider you can trust. At Copygraphix Plus, we understand all that can and should go into selecting new technology for your business. We get that your office systems are essential to your daily business functions, and we know that you want to find the right equipment for the right price.

Here are a few of the ways we can help alleviate the stress of office equipment shopping.


No matter what kind of system you're adding, there are numerous considerations. For printers, you need to find the best match for your paper usage, speed, and color needs. Scanners have several features related to compatibility, resolution, and automatic functions. And multifunction devices? Well, you can add those features just mentioned plus even more.

Having a partner like Copygraphix Plus enables you to find the right equipment for your needs. Our staff understands office systems, and we can help you determine which equipment meets all your desires and keeps up with your daily needs, all while staying within your budget.

Ongoing Support

Of course, you could just buy something somewhere, take it back to the office, and keep your fingers crossed that everything functions out of the box and never gives you any trouble. However, there's a good chance you'll need help at some point along the way. Copygraphix Plus offers ongoing support and expertise, so you have an ally when you need it. We offer services that help you make the most of your technology, with knowledgeable, friendly support to help you every step of the way.

When you're ready to get serious about service and support for your future office systems, contact us to learn more!

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