Shopping for a Multifunction Device? Here are 5 Things to Check

In your business, office systems are crucial to daily operations. When you're ready to replace or upgrade, a multifunction system is the best device for many offices. If you are in the market for a new multifunction system, here are five considerations to prioritize.

  1. Specs & Functions One of the biggest mistakes shoppers make is not gathering pertinent information about their office needs to guide their decision. While cost is obviously a key factor in any purchase, choosing the wrong multifunction can actually cost you more in the long run. Before you start your search, gather as much information as you can: the amount of printing your office does, what sizes and functions you need, how often you use color, and so forth.

  2. Security More and more business owners are taking note about the need for security for their office systems. There are numerous concerns related to office system security, so it's important to understand the types and levels of security your office requires to keep your data safe. For example, many models utilize key card scanning in order to release prints -- if that's something that would work for your office, be sure to choose a device that includes it.

  3. Integration While most devices easily integrate with most networks, it's still important to ensure the model you choose will work with all your technology. This will help save time, money, and headaches. Check in with your IT staff and your sales representative and go through each integration need -- network, other devices, and anything else your mutifunction system has to work with.

  4. Cost Yes, cost is a key factor in your decision. However, remember that the overall cost is much more than what you see on the sticker. A complete understanding of the cost of your new device must include everything that comes after that initial purchase price. This includes the cost of supplies and electricity, as well as ongoing costs related to downtime, service, and more.

  5. Big Picture Finally, consider how your purchase fits into your overall business plan. Your multifunction device should be able to work with you as your office grows and changes, and it should be something that actually makes your day to day functions better.

To learn more about multifunction systems, and how they can work for you, contact Copygraphix Plus.

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