Security Concerns and Your Office Systems

Office Systems

Paying attention to security concerns is crucial. With our always-evolving, ever-changing technologies, however, security needs show up in unexpected places. Take, for example, your office systems. Your scanners, printers, and multifunction copiers have increased storage capacity and sophisticated document handling abilities. They also have hidden security concerns that can have dire consequences if ignored.

Potential Threats

There are several key concerns to consider when it comes to any office system. These include:


How easily can users access office systems? Are there security measures in place, such as password or key card requirements? If there are no measures in place, your system might be vulnerable to threats, specifically inside threats.

Access also refers to the network. Is your network security fully protecting you from outside threats? Are there known issues with your multifunction printer? Is your network protection covering all your technology?


Most of today's office systems automatically store whatever passes through them. This can be problematic when accessibility is too open. It can also be a cause for concern when you're done with the system. Whether you are returning a rental, selling your old model, or taking it to a recycling facility, it's critical that you make sure the hard drive is wiped clean.

In addition, even if your equipment isn't saving everything on the hard drive, there may be other sensitive information stored on the unit. This includes information like contact information, which may be loaded into the address book.


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