The Ongoing Value of Managed Print Services

Managed Print

If your initial Managed Print engagement is somewhat limited in scope, that can be to your advantage. Beginning small to be certain the level of service meets your company's needs is a good way to introduce new policies to your staff. As they begin to adapt and implement new cost-saving measures, they may discover even more ways to reduce printing waste and improve workflows. At that point, it may be prudent to meet with your Managed Services provider to consider adding new services.

Begin With An Assessment

A Print Environment Assessment can be a real eye-opener, and it's a necessary beginning to any Managed Print agreement. Here's how your assessment will work:

  1. First, an accounting of all print-related devices across your organization. Including in this initial count will be the location, age, and expected remaining time in service for each device, as well as the purpose each device serves.
  2. Using the information gathered about your devices, those that are no longer needed will be eliminated. This thinning-out process includes devices that are underused or redundant.
  3. An evaluation of the way your printers are used, and by whom will help your Managed Print Services provider determine how they should be placed for maximum efficiency.
  4. Tracking of print volumes across your organization will help to cut back on unnecessary and wasteful printing.
  5. Implementing cost-saving solutions like less expensive toner cartridges and duplex printing will provide measurable differences in your overall print spend.

The Advantage of Continuous Monitoring

As your Managed Services Provider continues to monitor your print environment and related costs, they'll find new ways to improve workflows. Also, adding new services like electronic Document Management can bring further efficiencies and cost savings.

To learn more ways Managed Print can benefit your organization, contact us at Copygraphix today!

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