New Office System, New Opportunities

So, you've upgraded your office with new office systems. Congratulations! You could, of course, simply sit back and enjoy faster printing or higher quality scans, but you could also take it to the next level.

Get Everyone Up to Speed

If you haven't already, we recommend implementing a training procedure for the entire office. This can ensure that everyone understands how to work the machine, and can reduce the chance of issues stemming from not knowing how something works. It takes time, but it will actually save time and headaches in the long run.

Consider New Policies

Upgrading to new equipment offers the perfect chance to put new policies into action. During the training mentioned above, you can also train your staff to follow new guidelines, like best print habits or security measures. This way, you can maximize the time you or your tech staff spends with the office: train on new equipment and explain new procedures all in one session.

Enhance Your Practices

Related to policy implementation is the idea that now is the time to enhance your practices, whether that's printing, document handling, or collaboration. Multifunction Systems, for example, offer new ways to handle paperwork thanks to their multiple capabilities. Change up your workflow generation, start converting your filing cabinets to digital files, and more! It really is an excellent time to up your game thanks to new technology.

Add a Service

With your new office system from Copygraphix Plus, a new service can help you do even more. Several of our services are great matches for your office system, including:

  • Managed Print to help you take control of your print environment, saving you time and money, and creating a more eco-friendly office
  • Document Management to allow you to effectively move to digital paper practices, giving you better ways to work remotely, collaborate, and more

Ready to learn how your new office system can revolutionize your office? Contact Copygraphix Plus today!

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