Managed Print is SO 2016

Managed Print

As you set goals and objectives for this new year in your business, don't forget to include print in your planning. More and more businesses are considering how to make their printing habits better, how to reduce printing costs, and how to incorporate enhanced technology into their print environment.

What the New Era of Print Looks Like

Thanks to the rapid growth of mobile technology and cloud services, businesses are better able to handle day-to-day business functions and respond quickly to customers. The flip side of this is that customer (and employee) expectations have grown right alongside technology. What this means is that businesses that forego some technology options run the risk of losing both employees and talented workers.

This has led towards some rising trends such as:

  • Growth in printing
  • The rise of mobile printing
  • Increased use of cloud storage

How to Harness the Power of Print

Now that you know what this new era of print looks like, you might be wondering how to begin taking advantage of print trends. There are a few easy initial steps that can dramatically change the way you do print.

  1. Embrace the trends: Bring your own device, or BYOD, is probably already happening in your office. Today's workers have the technology in the form of smartphones and tablets, and they are comfortable with those devices. Enabling mobile print can bring this useful movement to your office. In addition, cloud storage can make a tremendous impact on both the way you handle documents and the way you do business.

  2. Set policies: Embracing trends and ushering in new ways utilize technology is great, but it also requires a little bit of extra work. Your current policies likely don't cover the changes that BYOD, mobile print, and cloud storage. Revamp your policies to ensure you're covering all the new technologies and protect your assets.

  3. Implement managed print: The best way to control printing and print-related expenses is through managed print. With managed print, you can focus on growth and change, rather than be bogged down by print issues and budget drains.

Let Copygraphix Plus tell you more about how print can work for you. Contact us today!

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