How to Cut Printing Costs

managed print

Left unregulated, your print environment can be a huge drain on your expenses. Employees don't often consider the impact they have on the overall costs associated with printing, and unless you implement policies, nothing changes. Fortunately, it's actually easy to cut printing costs.

At Copygraphix Plus, we understand what goes into printing, and we understand what's needed to control the costs. That's why we offer Managed Print Services. Here are just a few of the specific ways this service can work with your efforts to reduce print-related spending.

Color & Duplex Printing

Many offices do not regulate color printing, so erroneous color prints can really add up. Ensuring that employees only print in color when absolutely necessary makes a big impact on overall costs. Similarly, unless your staff changes print options to utilize duplex (double-sided) printing, single-sided printing is often the default and can result in lots of waste.

Managed Print helps you identify these issues, and it works with your efforts to implement a print policy that combats these print habits.

Printer Use & Overuse

Do you know if your printers are located in the best possible place? If you have printers that go down frequently or are the site of many traffic jams, there's a good chance the answer is no. When printers are over- or under-utilized based on capacity, the number of users, or age, productivity suffers.

Managed Print begins with a Print Environment Assessment. This helps identify all the printers you have, where they are, and how they are used. Then, we help build solutions based on your overall print environment. The result is your printers are placed, used, or replaced in a way that will elevate your office's efficiency and reduce the stress on your devices.

With a Managed Print Service from Copygraphix Plus, it's easy to change the way your office does printing, and save money, time, and headaches in the long run. To learn more about the specific ways this service and a partnership with Copygraphix Plus can benefit your office, contact us today!

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