Konica Minolta Systems in Tucson

Konica Minolta in Tucson

At Copygraphix Plus, we believe in the power of Konica Minolta office systems. Everything about these advanced machines include features to help you work more efficiently and boost overall productivity.

To make sure you're getting the most out of your copier or multifunction printer system, here's a refresher on some of the options you might not be utilizing.

These name brand and industry standard copiers and office equipment systems are some of the most technologically advanced and modern in the world. Our copiers and printers are also featuring seamless software merging and easy customization with many available options all custom designed around your office needs.

Scanning & OCR

Digital files are just easier to handle. With your multifunction system or scanner you can scan to files or scan to email and take full advantage of this ease of use. This makes it much simpler to keep track of documents and send them to whoever needs to access them.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) elevates your scanning by capturing everything on your scanned documents -- even if it's handwritten! This makes storing, archiving, and finding the documents you need fast and painless.


Today's business relies on access of all kinds. Your employees need to access documents they are collaborating on, customers and vendors need access to invoices or plans. And many of your employees likely use their own technology, such as smartphones or tablets, so they need to have access to the network, files, and more. Your office system can handle it. And if they can't, Copygraphix Plus can help.

Reduce Paper

Digitizing documents and utilizing all these advanced technology features leads to loss (the good kind). Reducing the amount of paper your office consumes can make a significant impact on your budget, and it's kinder to the environment. Plus, streamlining documents makes for a more productive workplace.

Add Ons

Still need help making the most of your office systems and Konica Minolta equipment? Copygraphix Plus has solutions for all your document drama, including:

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