Do You Have a Handle on Print Security?

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While most businesses have at least some level of security measures in place, many overlook the various ways that security breaches can occur outside of the obvious. Network security is key, of course, but an increase in the tools available to share and collaborate on content also coincides with an increased gap in security. Print security is key in combating some of the risks associated with evolving technologies and workflows. This can be accomplished through some key security measures and a Managed Print Service.

Where Print Security Issues Come From

There are three main components of printing data breach risk. First, malicious attacks are perhaps the most troubling, and the security concern most often considered. But, in addition, flawed IT infrastructure and human error make up a significant portion of print security issues.

These concerns are continually more applicable as the ways in which organizations handle print continue to evolve. With the increasing prevalence of mobile printing and BYOD (bring your own device) also complicate the security infrastructure in today's businesses.

How Print Security Issues Can be Combated

Securing your business takes work, but intentional measures to boost security is well worth it. Here are a few solutions to begin boosting your security:

  • Implement print security measures to release prints. Using ID badges, passcodes, and more offer easy additions to your print environment.
  • Manage sensitive document printing. Add keywords or document origins to a list of sensitive documents to add a layer of protection to that sensitive data.
  • Utilize hard drive encryption. This measure helps safeguard documents in the event of a data breach.

The most effective way to boost print security is by adding a managed print service. In Arizona, Copygraphix offers a print management service that helps ensure your organization has proper print security measures in place. We make it easy to see where security gaps exist and how to create additional safety. Contact us today to learn how managed print can help you manage print security.

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