Better Budgets with Managed Print

Managed Print

The beginning of a new fiscal year is an optimistic time, especially compared to later on in the year when you're left scratching your heads because you just can't figure out where the money is going. If you are breaking your budget before the year is up, is time to take a look at your print environment.

In many cases, print-related expenses eat up as much as 3% of an office's revenue. With Managed Print Services, you can see significant savings on everything document related. Here's how.

Better Processes

The problem with many print environments is that they lack oversight. Employees can print whatever, whenever. Supplies are over- or under-ordered. Certain printers do all the work, creating frequent traffic (and paper) jams.

Managed Print starts by assessing your overall environment, then facilitates more effective processes. When your resources are optimized, everything just works better. You'll be able to implement controls, resulting in better workflows and fewer hangups.

Better Printing

Not only does Managed Print keep your printers working, but it also creates more mindful print users. Print controls are necessary to reduce wasteful practices; that's why Managed Print focuses on education and ongoing monitoring. Better printing with Managed Print means

  • Optimal supply inventory
  • Mindful print practices
  • Enhanced security
  • Up-to-date printers

Better Budgets

To get a better budget, choose Managed Print. When you partner with Copygraphix Plus, you'll see drastic changes immediately, thanks to our initial comprehensive print environment assessment. This assessment will highlight all the trouble spots and offer immediate opportunities for both monetary savings and enhanced productivity.

At Copygraphix Plus, we understand that you have better things to spend your money on than print expenses. And, we get that your employee's time is too valuable to be spending hours at the printer. Let us show you how much better your budget can be. Contact us to get started with Managed Print.

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