3 Reasons to Adopt Managed Print

Managed Print

We hate to be the bearer of bad news: if you don't have Managed Print, your print environment is probably suffering. Without intentional management and clear focus, and dedication to taming printing habits, print costs can account for a significant percentage of your overall costs.

Managed Print also offers businesses waste reduction and better productivity, thanks to a comprehensive strategy that takes into account the entire flow of paper in your office. Here are three of the primary reasons to consider managed print.

1. Cost Reduction

Understanding overall print costs means factoring in more than just paper and ink or toner. Your overall print environment generates operating costs through everything from hardware to employee time. Unmanaged print environments often have a lot of downtime and traffic jams -- that time adds up and contributes to overspending.

Managed Print from Copygraphix Plus offers cost reduction, period. You'll see a better flow of printing, less waste, better-maintained supply stock, and more, all of which equals cost savings. And, you and your employees' valuable time savings adds up to priceless savings.

2. Accountability

In an unmanaged print environment, there is typically significant waste that occurs. Duplicate printing, single-sided printing of emails, and more are common sources of waste production. With managed print, every user is tracked, and systems are put into place that helps each employee be accountable for their own usage. You'll also see how much printing your office is doing, how often large print jobs are ordered, and how much you are consuming in supplies. Overall accountability in your entire organization will save you time, money, and headaches.

3. Support

It's tough to handle all things print related on your own. Print management offers excellent support for both ongoing management and technical issues. We provide ongoing, constant monitoring and equipment replacement, and we take care of supply ordering and provide custom invoicing. Our technicians are highly-trained and committed to the highest level of support.

Ready to see a revolution in the way your organization handles printing? Let us tell you more about our managed print service! Contact us today and see the power of managed print.

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