3 Key Features of Document Management

Document Management

When you are looking for ways to elevate your business practices, you might find that there are options and opinions everywhere. From the latest gadgets to outsourced programs, there's no shortage of voices telling you how you should be doing things. The easy way to reduce the noise is to turn to a trusted authority in care and technology: Copygraphix Plus. We offer a simple, affordable, and effective way to boost your office productivity with Document Management.

Document Management offers numerous benefits, but we can sum them up in three key words: access, security, support.


Having digital files doesn't do much good if there's a lack of organization. Collaboration isn't as attractive if it can't be done remotely. And true multi-tasking isn't the same if it takes up more time than, well, single-tasking.

Document management offers accessibility: to the documents you need, for the employees who need it, with time to spare. Access in document management also means control. Have a file that holds sensitive information? Restrict access or editing abilities. Need to know who's working on what? See the trail and access dates. Want to give your team the ability to work seamlessly on a big project? They can easily find, retrieve, and work on the related documents, no matter where they are.


In addition to having intra-office control over digital documents, document management also helps protect your information from outside threats. With document management, your data and documents are safeguarded against disaster. Files are protected from malicious attacks.

The same program that offers you the ability to easily categorize and share documents also gives you the option to implement multiple layers of security. Best of all, it's all customizable, and tailor made for your specific business -- and security -- needs.


Document management from Copygraphix Plus has the best available local support, so you can get the help you need when you need it. Let us tell you more about document management and our commitment to providing you the best in service and support. Contact us today!

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